Professional Artistry Makeup Course

Advanced & specialised makeup course that will catapult your career to the next level. Highly paid & in-demand makeup skills for passionate artists.

Who Is This Programme For?

This programme is specifically designed for all professional makeup artists or beginners who would like to further enhance and develop their knowledge through Advanced and Specialised Makeup Courses

• Professional & Bridal Makeup
• Face & Body Painting
• Avant Garde Makeup

Career Possibilities

Specialised in Artistry Makeup

Be an expert in avant garde, thematic, theatre, TV commercial, campaign photo shoot events & shows which are in demand now in the industry.

Collaboration Opportunity with Top Brands

Being a certified artistry MUA, you get an entrance ticket to work with the top brands you like. They expect highly trained professionals that can deliver results.

Join The High Fashion Industry

With the right exposure and experienced educators networking, you can break into the world of high fashion. Work with fashion designers and models to create looks that will turn heads and inspire trends across the world.

Makeup Course Duration

Professional Artistry Makeup & Hair Styling Course – 180 hours (3 hours per class, est. time of completion 4 months)

Professional Makeup Course Outline

A. Professional Makeup Knowledge and Techniques

  • Skin care knowledge and application
  • Professional usage of beauty cosmetic tools
  • Analysing face shape & bone structure
  • Eyebrow theory & reshaping
  • Types & application of base
  • Contouring & camouflage makeup
  • Colour coordination and theory
  • Theory and application of full eye features
  • False lash application and double eyelid illusion

B. Types of Bridal Makeup

  • Bridal day makeup
  • Bridal evening makeup
  • Wedding couture makeup
  • Essential tips & techniques on long lasting bridal makeup

C. Personality Bridal Makeup

  • Personalised bridal makeup with in-depth knowledge of its application & techniques in each wedding session.

D. Beauty Makeup

  • Corrective makeup techniques
  • Colour matching application
  • Soft smoky to heavy smoky makeup .
  • Ethnic beauty makeup knowledge

E. Classical Makeup

  • History of period makeup and its application

F. Professional Avant-Garde, Face & Body Painting Makeup

  • Cosmetic & face painting products knowledge
  • Chinese opera makeup application
  • Iconic/ Character inspired makeup

Flexible Artistry Makeup Courses Schedule To Fit Your Lifestyle


10AM to 1PM
2PM to 5PM
7PM to 10PM


By appointment only

Fee & Payment Plans For Artistry Makeup Courses

Our bridal makeup course includes:

• Course Syllabus – to guide each student on the topics and course discussions.
• Discounts on Academy’s Partner Cosmetic Brands.
• Real practicum field experience & training on cooperative work events.
• Various exposure activities at different Academy brand collaboration events.
• Certificate


✔CASH ✔50% Bank Deposit ✔Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard & My DEBIT)

Be The Next Sought-After Professional Makeup Artist

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