Duration – 60 hours

This program is suitable for those who would like to work professionally on bridal makeup.

  • Bridal
  • ROM
  • Pre wedding- indoor, outdoor, overseas
  • Relative & bridesmaid ‘s makeup & hairstyling

Bridal Makeup Course includes:

Beauty & Skincare

  1. Basic Skin Care
  2. Introduction of cosmetics and tools
  3. Understanding of face shape & bone structure
  4. Understanding of products, equipment and color combinations
  5. In depth tutorial on creating a healthy natural base:

Skincare > Base Selection > Foundation Application

  1. In depth tutorial on Eye Makeup :

– Eye brow grooming & shaping

– Types of Eye shadows, eye liner, false lashes application, double eye lids illusion

  1. Blush & Lips applications



  • Lifestyle Day makeup
  • Lifestyle Night makeup

Bridal Makeup

  • Bridal Day Makeup
  • Bridal Evening Makeup
  • Tips & techniques on long lasting bridal makeup

Fashion Makeup

  • Understanding and application of Liquid Foundation

Understanding of Basic Photography / Lighting

**Training programme and Internship is provided for student.

Bridal makeup & hairstyling