The Makeup Miracle Story

Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop was established in 2010 and has been continuously growing as a team ever since.

As an Academy, Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop has earned its reputation as a leading Makeup Academy in Malaysia, acclaimed for its pioneering ideas, creativity and diverse portfolio. Our students are guided by their passion for developing skills and knowledge.

This had enabled them to achieve excellence alongside our experienced educators and real hands-on practicum experiences. Through the years, Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop has developed every aspiring individual who has entered through its doors – no matter their age, gender or status – and aided their transformation to becoming a professional makeup artist and making their name in the beauty industry.

The Launchpad for Top Makeup Artists

At Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop, students take centre stage in the learning process. In the face of complexities brought about by our modern, technologically driven, global society, the Academy believes in holistically developing its students through its courses which go beyond the confines of the classroom.

It is essential that you be ready to meet the diversity of people and ideas that you will surely encounter. Our Team come from both regional and international countries and will show you the latest innovations and pioneering techniques. You will be presented with unique insights and involved in creative, holistic and hands-on practicum experiences. Our strong and broad portfolio will further hone your expertise in the Industry.

There’s no better place to start your career than at Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop. We are more than just a makeup school. We kick-start thousands of careers with our working reputation and industry contacts. So join us today and see what makes us different from the the rest!

Meet Makeup Miracle Team

Kenny Yee
Founder of Makeup Miracle

Kenny Yee, founder of the Academy, believes that “A stellar performance is often achieved because of the collective efforts of individuals who gave their best and worked as a team “. Over his 10yrs experience in the industry he worked with well known brands, magazines, and fashion shows, and was also awarded prestigious awards and titles.

Throughout his career, Kenny has worked in various countries such as Japan, China, France, Philippines ,Indonesia and Iran, to name a few. He has also covered workshops, corporate events, private makeup classes, international campaigns, commercials, editorial shoots and countless fashion shows.

When it comes to events, Kenny is often the team leader who provides makeup concepts or inspiration, managing clients and backstage chaos.

Makeup Educator and Guest Speaker

Steven Sunny
Makeup Educator

Makeup Educator

Katie Kung
Makeup Educator Cum Makeup Artist

Mike Ong
Makeup Artist Cum Educator

Kenny Yee
Makeup Educator Cum Makeup Artist

Haritha Shan
Makeup Educator Cum Makeup Artist

Nelson Tham
Makeup Educator

Cleona Lee
Dance Choreographer Speaker

Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger Speaker

Carlos Khu
Photography Speaker

Eddon Fajardo
Business Developer

Makeup Miracle Malaysia and International Artist

Robby Febrian
Indonesia Makeup Artist

Eric Vosburg
New York City Makeup Artist

Joe Villareal
Philippines Makeup Artist

Gabby Webb
Australia Makeup Artist